We set the trend in styles and trends

Innovation and cutting edge in each project.

We seek to achieve results that pursue excellence.

If we talk about metallization, we are one of the companies with the best technological equipment in the world for the cosmetics, housing, automotive, lighting and other industries. Our varnishes are of the highest quality that allow durability and fixation to different materials.

01. Personalization

Our strength is the metallization in materials such as: plastic, glass, metal, which allows us to understand the needs of our customers in terms of design, color and finishes.

02. Process

The first step is to know the requirements of the project based on technical details of the product to be processed. Once this happens, the product goes into production, taking care at every stage of its quality and style.

03. Vanguard

In each project we combine innovation and technology, always ensuring the seal of knowledge, creativity and sophisticated equipment with machines that provide precision and guarantee to our products.