Carrduci Group

We are 100% Mexican and for more than 35 years, we have set the standard for new styles and

Day by day we propose to provide the highest quality in our products and services, as well as the best delivery times. We use Italian technology operated by Mexican hands.

In Zapotlanejo, Jalisco – Mexico – around the year of 1988 it began distributing button to this region, because its main activity was the making of clothes. Years later with the conviction of providing greater quality, new features and shortening delivery times, the great challenge of being button manufacturers is taken.

Over time, negotiations with Italian factories began for the purchase of machinery, and in 2002, Carrduci Botones was born, one of the factories with the highest technology in machinery, materials and production processes. The goal: to provide the widest variety of models, the best quality, service and price.

Due to this philosophy, in Carrduci not only buttons are manufactured, but also has already entered the field of accessories and technology for metallized (sputtering), plugs and laser cutting.


satisfied customers.

That they recommend us since we have satisfactorily fulfilled all kinds of specific requirements.



This is the key to differentiation against our competitors. Maintaining the premise of innovating has been the key to success for the entire Carrduci Group.


Our technologies have been tested worldwide with the highest standards, valued by large companies that are committed to working together thanks to our equipment in machines.


Creativity is part of our daily life. We specialize in making avant-garde designs in each project.


The high quality standards that we handle are part of our process that allows us to maintain constant growth.