Distinction in the fusion of materials and processes

The art of innovation

Proven quality with international standards

Our commitment is continuous innovation, which we make possible thanks to the infrastructure we have developed, this allows us to innovate in the creation of products handling differentiated and attractive materials such as:

Imitation stone, horn, wood, among others, using avant-garde processes of metallization and laser engraving.

01. Competitive Advantage

The continuous innovation lies in the style and excellence of our materials, therefore, our customer can be sure of obtaining benefits in the development of their projects, such as: no investment required for mold, production volume can be variable, diversity of effects, technologies and colors.

02. Environmental impact

In Carrduci Tapones we take care of the environment, that is why we have a water recovery system, use of filters for air cleaning, recycling of raw materials and metallization processes by Sputtering, for the production of plugs without requiring cutting down a only tree

03. Spirits industry

A 100% Mexican company focused and specialized in the design of products of the packaging industry, backed by our technology. We create unique and customized solutions according to the needs of the project.